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Concierge Services Property Management

Property management services for owners of Dominican Republic real estate should provide concierge level service, convenience and value as well. Most owners who require these services have not lived full-time in the country. As a result, their experience is limited and doesn’t allow for a thorough understanding of many significant factors that impact real estate management and maintenance in the country. Most factors are very different from those in an owner’s home country. In addition for those interested in generating rental income, our management team can assist in developing the ideal marketing and rental plan to help realize your goals. With our years of experience and expertise, we aim to make ownership of Dominican Republic real estate a pleasant and productive one for clients from near and far.

Concierge Services Rentals

With a decade of experience in the Dominican Republic real estate business, our rental division has the experience needed to meet any rental needs. Whether you’re seeking a property for a short term vacation or long-term accommodations, Concierge Services Rentals can assist in locating the perfect location. From beachfront villas or condos for a kiteboarding vacation to luxury villas for that special family or group occasion, our rental division can provide a number of options just right for your Dominican get away. For those considering a permanent move to the Dominican Republic or relocating for business, our rental professionals can also locate residential options to suit any need. Additional services include arranging transportation needs, scheduling of tours and excursions, planning and pre-stocking properties with food and beverages and much more.

Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyer’s Agents

We provide the safest and most effective way to buy Dominican Republic real estate. Whether you’re looking into the purchase of Dominican Republic land, condo or villa properties for personal enjoyment or investment purposes, you want someone standing by your side that understands the market and your interests. At Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyer’s Agents (DRREBA) we act as an exclusive buyer’s representative. Our primary objective is to use our knowledge and experience regarding life in the Dominican Republic along with safe and sound business practice to assist our clients in locating and acquiring the Dominican Republic real estate they desire. We have no listings and nothing to sell. Simply stated: “We help you buy Real Estate in the Dominican Republic safely and easily!”

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