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Making the decision to purchase Dominican Republic real estate is a big one. When it’s time to explore the opportunities more closely, you want an agent working on your side that understands the market, the regulations and how to navigate the system safely. Plus, you want a representative that works directly for you – not the seller.

At DRREBA, we don’t sell Dominican Republic real estate. Instead, we help you buy it safely.

DRREBA, which stands for Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyers Agents, specializes in helping you locate and purchase properties throughout this tropical paradise. We have experience in all markets within this country.

We provide an unparalleled combination of North American business experience and the local Dominican knowledge acquired by a Dominican citizen who has lived and worked in the country his entire life.

Our combined experience makes us the perfect choice when you’re interested in purchasing Dominican Republic real estate.

Rob Chenvert, ABR® Founder / President

In 2000, Rob retired after practicing dentistry for 18 years in the U.S. During those years, he traveled extensively to the Caribbean in search of areas that would be suitable for relocation in the future. One trip to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic was all it took. A short nine months later, Rob and his wife had purchased their property and permanently re-located in November 2005.

Rob accepted a position in the real-estate company through which his property purchase was made. One week after arrival, Rob began as an independent broker trainee and eventually became general manager prior to setting out on his own.

With the experience of purchasing a property through an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in the U.S. and Dominican Republic real estate knowledge, an exclusive buyer’s agent option in the Dominican Republic seemed a logical choice. Therefore, DRREBA was formed.

Rob was awarded the ABR® designation by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council of the National Association of Realtors®of the U.S. He is presently the only such accredited individual in the Dominican Republic.

Jose Hidalgo, Consultant

Jose was born and raised in the town of Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. A natural entrepreneur, he grew through the ranks of business ownership at a young age. Over the years, Jose has been involved in many facets of business, real estate and the governmental inter- relationships that exist here in the Dominican Republic. His network of contacts in the country is vast and of great benefit to the clients that he helps serve.

Traveling to the U.S. and Europe have broadened Jose’s knowledge of international business practices and enabled him to apply that knowledge to transactions conducted here in the Dominican Republic.

Please contact us now so that we can personally discuss assisting with your Dominican Republic real estate purchase.

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