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Concierge Services of DRREBA

Most travelers know the convenience and value of accessing the concierge desk at hotels in unfamiliar locations. The services provided by someone who lives and works in the area, knows how to successfully conduct business there and has the necessary local connections is priceless.

Concierge Property Management of Dominican Republic Real Estate Property management services for owners of Dominican real estate should provide concierge level service, convenience and value as well. Most owners who require these services have not lived fulltime in the country. As a result, their experience is limited and doesn’t allow for a thorough understanding of many significant factors that impact Dominican Republic real estate management and maintenance. Most factors are very different from those in an owner’s home country. They range from employment laws, availability and cost of goods and services, local business practices and customs, reliability of local businesses and individuals and more. An accurate understanding can only be achieved after living and conducting business for many years in the country. Our experience allows us to provide Dominican real estate owner clients with unparalleled service.

Considerations in Choosing Your Dominican Real Estate Property Manager

There are many advantages of fewer regulations and most citizens of over regulated countries enjoy the freedom that exists in the Dominican Republic. However, with this freedom comes responsibility. As a Dominican Republic real estate owner, choosing the best manager for your property is one of them. Most people would be surprised to know that many individuals who claim to be Dominican real estate property managers are not adequately qualified. Education, business experience and intelligence levels vary greatly as does the all important aspect of local knowledge and experience. Placing your trust in someone to care for your Dominican Republic real estate without the necessary qualifications can lead to major disappointments.

What to Avoid in Dominican Republic Real Estate Management Companies

“One Size Fits All” Policies
Many companies have fee schedules that are overly simplistic. They charge a fixed monthly management fee for different types of Dominican real estate with no consideration for age, size, location, residential only or rental property, etc. We evaluate all properties individually as well as the owner client’s needs and desires. Services and fees are customized and based on these factors.

Vague Financial Policies

Sound financial principles and policies are the cornerstone of all businesses. If a company has irregular financial policies between you as a client and their office, it is likely that they are irregular as your financial representative with accounts payable for your Dominican Republic real estate. The financial policies of an agreement with DRREBA will be clear and easily understood.

Poor Communication

There are a number of business owners that aren’t as available as their clients may think. Some may spend little more time in the area than their Dominican real estate owner clients. As your representative, they should be there a majority of the time. We have lived here for years and are present over 95% of the time. Excellent client communication is assured.

Sub-standard Maintenance

Although many expenses are fairly high in the country, local labor rates are quite low. Although that may seem advantageous, a majority of the local laborers that many companies use are not trained to North American or European standards. Often, this results in maintenance and repair of Dominican Republic real estate properties that yield disappointing results. We have assembled a group of tradesmen primarily from North America and Europe that have work standards that our clients will be familiar and satisfied with.

Renting Your Dominican Real Estate If You Choose

Some clients choose to maintain their Dominican Republic real estate properties solely for their private use and not rent at all. Others choose to use their property for Dominican Republic rentals to generate varying degrees of desired financial return. We can help clients to achieve whatever goal they desire. Rental assistance is often the source of misunderstanding between Dominican real estate property managers and their clients. Often times owners mistakenly feel that their monthly management fees alone include unlimited rental marketing of their property and guaranteed results for rentals in Dominican Republic. These clients usually don’t meet their rental income goals. To reach the occupancy and rental income goals of some owners, it is necessary to implement much more aggressive marketing strategies. Assistance is available for clients to attempt to achieve those goals with individualized plans to suit many budgets.

Other Available Services

As your Dominican Republic real estate management and maintenance representatives, we will try to fulfill any legal desire you may have for you or your rental clients. Transportation needs, scheduling of tours and excursions, planning and pre-stocking properties with food and beverages, etc. If it’s not mentioned, just ask. As is the case with most aspects of our business, we believe that customizing all services and their associated fees is the best way to insure complete satisfaction. We feel that your ownership of Dominican real estate should be as pleasurable as possible and we will do everything in our power to help make it that way.

Are the Concierge Services of DRREBA for You?

The Concierge Services branch of DRREBA is designed to deliver the same attention to detail for property owners desiring management and maintenance services as is provided by their customized exclusive buyer representation. In the Dominican Republic property management business, the services provided should be based upon efficiency and organization. With years of total accumulated Dominican Republic and general business experience combined with the necessary education and intelligence, we can provide unparalleled excellence in taking care of your property as if it were our own. Conducting business of any kind in this country requires an unusually high level of attention to detail. This is a hallmark of all DRREBA services.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how our Concierge Services can help make your DR dreams come true.

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