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DRREBA for All of Your Dominican Real Estate Needs

Jun 10, 2012
Whether you are looking to purchase, already own or wish to rent property in the Dominican Republic DRREBA , Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyer’s Agents is available to provide a wide range  of services to discerning clients. For assistance with ...
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Why Buyers Need a Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent

Dec 28, 2011
It’s not uncommon to find a lack of regulation in more exotic real estate locations and the Dominican real estate market is no exception. Along with certain inherent advantages goes the fact that sometimes less desirable individuals are drawn into ...
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Information from Dominican Republic Real Estate Agents

Dec 21, 2011
When a foreigner considers a real estate investment in the Dominican Republic, accurate, reliable information is essential. Gathering it from personal experience initially is impossible. Finding local Dominican Republic real estate agents that have the personal experience in the country ...
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Who Should Be Your Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent

Dec 02, 2011
The dream to own an exotic Caribbean property is shared by many. Even those who are financially able, still have a number of challenges to overcome. Concerns about conducting real estate business transactions in a foreign land with different laws ...
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Consult with a Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent First

Nov 23, 2011
Foreign Dominican real estate investors frequently start by searching through the thousands of online listings from many Dominican real estate websites. Exclusive listings are very rare in the country so properties are usually on many sites. Few if any companies ...
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Dominican Real Estate Consultants

Oct 24, 2011
When people start to consider making an investment in Dominican real estate, they often begin by searching the internet and other sources for information. They will find everything from traditional real estate agencies boasting thousands of listings (most of which ...
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Everyone’s a Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent

Oct 12, 2011
It’s not an uncommon scenario in more exotic real estate markets. And, it happens to be true in the Dominican real estate market. Frequently many locals that a potential real estate investor meets want to be their Dominican Republic real ...
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Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent Services

Oct 03, 2011
What should your Dominican Republic real estate agent do for you? Being an agent that primarily serves a foreign clientele in a market with which they are unfamiliar is very demanding. Agents should be a reliable information source about all ...
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