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Real Estate in the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean Bargain

Posted by Rob on September 12, 2011
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Most locations in the Caribbean have historically had property prices that prevented many from entering those markets. Although on the increase, real estate in the Dominican Republicstill remains the most affordable of Caribbean real estate markets for foreign investment.

What has Kept Prices for Real Estate in the Dominican Republic Low?

Primarily the abundant supply of Dominican real estate has contributed to the relatively low price. Unlike many of its Caribbean neighbors who are much smaller, the Dominican Republic, second only to Cuba in size is not in short supply.

Factors Likely to Increase Prices of Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Especially in Caribbean locations, a government’s commitment to infrastructure improvement and tourism stimulation will positively influence the prices of real estate. Dominican Republic officials have recently announced their continued intention to do so. Don’t wait, now is the time to invest in Dominican real estate.

 Author: Rob Chenvert

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