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Eco-friendly Policies for Land, Dominican Republic and Haiti

Posted by Rob on December 14, 2011
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With the two countries sharing the island of Hispaniola, the benefits of cooperation are obvious. While Haiti has traditionally had challenges with the conservation and sustainable treatment of their natural resources and land, Dominican Republic traditions have been more environmentally friendly. Hopes are high that the two governments can work together to improve the environmental conditions on both sides of the border.

For Ecotourism Land Dominican Republic Leads the Way

Recently, Dominican vice president Rafael Alburquerque led the ribbon cutting for the Science and Art Foundation’s 15th Ecotourism and Production Fair. The main objectives are to support the expansion of national ecotourism, and to display the country’s natural beauty. The fair also creates awareness on the need to protect and respect the environment, and to spur solidarity cooperation between the countries. For environmental laws that protect land, Dominican Republic governments have led the way. Very favorable conditions exist in the country to develop ecotourism businesses. Contact DRREBA for a complimentary consultation to learn how to get started.


Author: Rob Chenvert