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Who’s Managing Your Dominican Real Estate?

Posted by Rob on June 5, 2012
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How much do you know about your property managers? Placing your valuable Dominican Republic real estate in the wrong hands can result in many frustrations, disappointments and possibly worse. Their education, experience and intelligence are important, but even more so is their honesty and dependability. This is especially crucial in a country like the Dominican Republic where regulations are few. Does your management team meet or exceed your expectations? Are their communications and documentation clear and thorough? If the answer is no, consider making a change.

Finding quality services in the country and in particular the Dominican real estate sector can be a challenge, but they are available. Don’t take the chance of having potentially unscrupulous individuals control your property. With years of business experience in the U.S. and a combined 14 years in the Dominican Republic real estate business, Concierge Services of DRREBA will deliver and not frustrate or disappoint.

Rob Chenvert, ABR®

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