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Owner Strategies for Rentals in Dominican Republic

Posted by Rob on November 21, 2011
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Generating rental income is very important for many Dominican real estate investors. Accomplishing a desirable rate of occupancy can be a challenge, especially in difficult economic times. What are the best strategies to achieve your goals for rentals in Dominican Republic? Many owners of Dominican real estate simply choose a property management company to, in theory manage all aspects of property ownership for them in their absence, including obtaining rental clients. This plan will usually yield disappointing results.

Increase Income from Your Property’s Rentals in Dominican Republic

If you own Dominican real estate and reside elsewhere, then choosing a quality property management company is a start. But usually a basic management fee is not substantial enough to provide a rental marketing budget. To increase your income from rentals in Dominican Republic, a multi-dimensional rental marketing strategy is necessary. Develop a budget for that plan and implement it with the assistance of your property managers. Basic property management fees alone will not provide all of the rental occupancy most owners desire. Contact DRREBA for your property management and rental needs. A custom designed program can be developed to fit most owner’s needs.

Author: Rob Chenvert

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