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Own a Great Sosua Real Estate Rental in Dominican Republic

Jun 14, 2012
The Sosua real estate market differs distinctly from Cabarete, especially when it comes to beach front condo opportunities. This applies both for sale and rental opportunities. The supply is much lower than in neighboring Cabarete and therefore it increases the ...
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DRREBA for All of Your Dominican Real Estate Needs

Jun 10, 2012
Whether you are looking to purchase, already own or wish to rent property in the Dominican Republic DRREBA , Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyer’s Agents is available to provide a wide range  of services to discerning clients. For assistance with ...
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Concierge Services Property Management and Rentals

Apr 27, 2012
With our new venture Concierge Services, a property management and rental division of the existing real estate brokerage DRREBA , our goal is to implement superior customer service and marketing strategies for our management and rental clients. Our experience in ...
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Owner Strategies for Dominican Republic Rentals

Apr 12, 2012
While working as a Dominican Republic real estate broker for the past seven years, most clients want to discuss the subject of property rental income return. The subject is very important for all clients other than those who don’t wish ...
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Escape Winter Weather with Rentals in Dominican Republic

Jan 02, 2012
Now that the holidays are over, the reality of the winter cold and snow really sets in for many. Three to four more months can seem like an eternity without any break. Why suffer through it when warmth and sunshine ...
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Increased Demand for Rentals in Dominican Republic

Dec 09, 2011
It appears that tourism is once again on the increase and the demand for rentals in Dominican Republic markets is up. This is positive news for all aspects of Dominican real estate. Existing property owners looking for rental income will ...
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Owner Strategies for Rentals in Dominican Republic

Nov 21, 2011
Generating rental income is very important for many Dominican real estate investors. Accomplishing a desirable rate of occupancy can be a challenge, especially in difficult economic times. What are the best strategies to achieve your goals for rentals in Dominican ...
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Luxurious Holiday Property Rentals in Dominican Republic

Oct 17, 2011
If you are looking for the ultimate celebration in the warm Caribbean for this upcoming holiday season, consider renting an exclusive villa property with your family or group of friends. These types of rentals in Dominican Republic can usually be ...
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Get the Best Deals on Rentals in Dominican Republic

Sep 25, 2011
If you think that you only need to be concerned about the details when you are purchasing property, think again! Getting fair deals on rentals in Dominican Republic requires some knowledge of the area and the pros and cons of ...
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Rentals in the Dominican Republic for Perfect Vacations

Sep 10, 2011
Resort vacations limit the ability to truly experience all that the country has to offer. For those who want a fuller experience, condo and villa rentals in the Dominican Republicare the best choice. Condo Rentals in the Dominican Republic are ...
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