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Affordable Dominican Republic Rentals

Posted by Rob on December 30, 2011
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There is a wide choice of Dominican Republic rentals to suit almost all budgets. While some super luxurious accommodations are available to rent short or long term, not all will set you back a small fortune. For vacations, there are many very affordable condo and villa properties available. A further savings in expenses is possible by trying your hand at preparing the local fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in the comfort of the vacation property.

Economical Long Term Dominican Republic Rentals

For those looking for more than just a shorter vacation, some of these properties are available at even lower rates for long term use. Long term Dominican Republic rentals provide the opportunity to spend months or longer experiencing what it’s truly like to live in the country. Both condo and villa properties exist in various locations to accommodate longer term tenants. This is also a perfect way to “test drive” living in the area, to see if it may be desirable for a more permanent relocation.


Author: Rob Chenvert

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