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Property Management and Rentals by DRREBA Concierge Services

Jul 11, 2012
With over 12 years of combined experience in various aspects of Dominican Republic real estate, DRREBA’s Concierge Services property management and rentals will afford clients unparalleled service and peace of mind. We have been listening to clients wishes and desires ...
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Concierge Services Property Management and Rentals

Apr 27, 2012
With our new venture Concierge Services, a property management and rental division of the existing real estate brokerage DRREBA , our goal is to implement superior customer service and marketing strategies for our management and rental clients. Our experience in ...
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Owner Strategies for Dominican Republic Rentals

Apr 12, 2012
While working as a Dominican Republic real estate broker for the past seven years, most clients want to discuss the subject of property rental income return. The subject is very important for all clients other than those who don’t wish ...
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Affordable Dominican Republic Rentals

Dec 30, 2011
There is a wide choice of Dominican Republic rentals to suit almost all budgets. While some super luxurious accommodations are available to rent short or long term, not all will set you back a small fortune. For vacations, there are ...
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For Dominican Republic Rentals Consider Sosua Real Estate

Dec 16, 2011
For those considering Dominican Republic rentals, opportunities in the Sosua real estate market exist to suit many desires. Whether it is a short term vacation rental or for a longer term, many condominium and villa properties are available. Not only ...
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DRREBA Concierge Services for Dominican Republic Rentals

Dec 07, 2011
With present indications, this year’s winter vacation season in the Dominican Republic will be busier than the past few years. Both the inquiries for Dominican Republic rentals and actual bookings are up significantly. Regardless of whether you are looking for ...
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Want Tropical Vacation Real Estate Dominican Republic Has It

Dec 05, 2011
If you desire to invest in Caribbean property for vacations, it is ideal to also generate rental income when you are not using the real estate. Dominican Republic real estate opportunities exist to accomplish both goals. As the world recovers ...
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How to Find the Best Dominican Republic Rentals

Nov 04, 2011
Whether you are looking for long term Dominican Republic rentals to test the area for permanent relocation or you are looking for a vacation rental, it is important to find the perfect property. That’s why DRREBA should be the first ...
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Dominican Republic Rentals for Unforgettable Vacations

Oct 14, 2011
When it comes to vacationing nothing is more frustrating than it not living up to your expectations. If you are planning to rent a condo or villa vacation property it is important that you deal with a reliable full service ...
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Protect Your Interest when Looking for Dominican Republic Rentals

Sep 22, 2011
When you are looking for Dominican Republic rentals to meet your current needs, you need someone by your side who is looking out for your best interests, not those of the property owner. At DRREBA, you can hire a buyer’s ...
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