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Differences in Purchasing Dominican Republic Real Estate

Dec 23, 2011
Purchasing Dominican Republic real estate is quite different than in many other countries. There are fewer regulations and governmental oversight. For the most part, a Dominican real estate transaction is handled as a personal sales agreement between two parties. Frequently, ...
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Increased Demand for Rentals in Dominican Republic

Dec 09, 2011
It appears that tourism is once again on the increase and the demand for rentals in Dominican Republic markets is up. This is positive news for all aspects of Dominican real estate. Existing property owners looking for rental income will ...
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DRREBA Concierge Services for Dominican Republic Rentals

Dec 07, 2011
With present indications, this year’s winter vacation season in the Dominican Republic will be busier than the past few years. Both the inquiries for Dominican Republic rentals and actual bookings are up significantly. Regardless of whether you are looking for ...
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Dominican Real Estate is Perfect for Independent Living

Nov 28, 2011
Today, most of the self-indulgent over controlled societies of more developed nations have run into a wall. Continued survival financially and otherwise is in jeopardy. Do you want to go along with the masses and follow the flock into more ...
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Consult with a Dominican Republic Real Estate Agent First

Nov 23, 2011
Foreign Dominican real estate investors frequently start by searching through the thousands of online listings from many Dominican real estate websites. Exclusive listings are very rare in the country so properties are usually on many sites. Few if any companies ...
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Owner Strategies for Rentals in Dominican Republic

Nov 21, 2011
Generating rental income is very important for many Dominican real estate investors. Accomplishing a desirable rate of occupancy can be a challenge, especially in difficult economic times. What are the best strategies to achieve your goals for rentals in Dominican ...
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Niche Market in Cabarete Real Estate

Nov 18, 2011
The Cabarete real estate market consists of a wide variety of properties. But, there is one thing that sets it apart from other markets. Cabarete is one of the premier locations in the Caribbean for world class windsurfing and kiteboarding. ...
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Canadians Attracted to Dominican Real Estate

Nov 16, 2011
Canadian airlines have announced that this year there will be 32 weekly flights into the Gregorio Luperon International Airport. These flights and all of the passengers they will bring to the North Coast will help with the Puerto Plata region’s ...
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What Makes Sosua Real Estate Desirable

Nov 09, 2011
There are many factors to consider when looking into purchasing Dominican real estate. In more tropical environments, safety with respect to tropical cyclone storms is an important consideration. With its North Coast location, all Sosua real estate is located in ...
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Dominican Republic Real Estate Agents for All of Your Needs

Nov 07, 2011
DRREBA is a company that can provide all of the services a client may desire with respect to Dominican real estate. As Dominican Republic real estate agents that exclusively serve the buyer’s needs, there will be no conflict of interest ...
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